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My  Story

My name is Melissa Rodriguez & I am the founder/owner of Kynd O' Mello. I began my baking journey in 2007 while working at a well known bakery in the west village.I started out with a part time position serving milk & cookies & was quickly promoted as a full time cookie & cake decorator as the stores baker was unable to complete the valentine day orders.A decision was reached to cancel all of the orders but with a curiosity & love of art I asked if I can try to fulfill the orders & with no prior training I completed all orders with total success! A few months later I was offered a job in the construction field & left the bakery but continued to pursue my passion for pastry arts by teaching myself everything I know in my very own kitchen. Since 2007, I have created custom cakes for various celebrities, took part in a Womens Empowerment event at the Museo Del Barrio, promotional events for Juicy Couture/Paige Denim & hosted my first non profit fundraiser for the HIV/AIDS walk where 100% of my earnings were donated to finding a cure. My most exciting experience of my cake journey thus far has been my experience on The Food Networks "Cake Wars" ! [[Season 3 Episode 9]]

I am hopeful that all of my hardwork & dedication will lead me to success & someday land me my own store front. I'm just a girl with a dream & a love for sweets.


Sweet Regards,


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